Until Further Notice, this is on hold. Not Cancelled, on Hold

Still working out the details of the campaign. Please create characters with the following in mind.

Good or neutral alignment preferred. Any class available. One Archetype, no archetype stacking. If you feel you want to make a change to a class, ask and i will try to work it out with you. Would strongly prefer humanoid (I MEAN HUMANOID IN APPEARANCE JUST BECOUSE ITS HUMANOID SUBRACE DOES NOT WORK NO MONSTEROUS HUMANOIDS ) races, such as human, assimar, half orc, halfling or whatever. ARG is available, including custom races. But ask before using anything beyond core races please. Stat spread will be 18, 16, 16, 14, 12, 12, before racial bonuses. Feel free to make one move of 2 stats. No stat above 22 or below 8. Character level 5, level 7 loot. No individual item beyond 1/4 of your total gold. If you want an item that is just at or over, please ask. Any magic item that has a caster level of 6 or higher, please ask. Up to 2 traits on your character. You can take a drawback and a third trait if you want.

Early Firearms have received a rework. Flat foot attacks within one range increment. Crit multiplier reduced to X2. Range increased on some guns. Cost reduced on all Early Firearms. Will provide a change log to anyone what wants it.

Until Further notice, Firearms are out.

Advice, do not use a class that has specific requirements to work properly, such as Samurai. Thank tim for pointing this out with his character.

I will remove this and post an actual Story bit after characters have been posted.

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